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Hip Hop Vocal Preset Essentials Vol.1

Hip Hop Vocal Preset Essentials Vol.1

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Plugins Required

Our presets use the stock plugins that come with your DAW, so no third-party software or plugins are required. Only the Waves and Antares versions require the Waves Tune Real-Time and Antares Auto-Tune Artist plugins.



Our presets are designed to be compatible with Ableton (from the 11) & FL Studio 21. We recommend ensuring that your software is up-to-date and running the latest version for optimal performance.

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Singing Preset Before

Singing Preset After

Rap Preset Before

Rap Preset After

SFX Preset Before

SFX Preset After

Doubles Preset Before

Doubles Preset After

Ad-Libs Preset Before

Ad-Libs Preset After


Introducing Hip Hop Vocal Preset Essentials Vol.1, a revolutionary tool to enhance your vocal production and save time. This collection includes five meticulously crafted presets for all your vocal needs:

1. Singing Preset: Adds clarity and presence to sung lead vocals.
2. Doubles Preset: Creates space and stereo width for backing vocals.
3. Adlibs Preset: Ensures adlibs stand out.
4. Rap Preset: Delivers punch and clarity for rapped sections.
5. SFX Preset: Enhances vocals with unique sound design.

Inspired by the vocal chains of top artists like Travis Scott and Lil Baby, these presets are easy to use—just drag and drop onto a dry vocal track for instant, radio-ready sound. Fully customizable, they streamline workflow for fast-paced producers. Available exclusively at Naas Music Store, the Hip Hop Vocal Preset Essentials Vol.1 is your ultimate production tool.

DAW Compatibility

  • FL Studio

  • Ableton 11 Suite

  • Ableton 12 Suite

  • Waves

  • Antares

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      Supports Windows & Mac Operating Systems

        "Recording has never been easier"

        Recording has never been easier. Download our presets and achieve the sound of your favorite artists in seconds. Focus on your craft while our vocal presets handle the mixing for you. Reach industry standards and obtain high-quality vocals using this recording template. With a simple click of a button, your mix will be radio-ready in seconds.

        Inspired by each vocalist, these presets use settings and plugins nearly identical to those used by the engineers who worked with the artists. We've been fortunate enough to access their vocal chains and adapt them for compatibility with various DAWs.

        These presets are intended as an educational resource, designed to help audio engineers enhance their skills by studying vocal mixing techniques inspired by popular artists. Please note that this product is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or associated with the referenced artists. Additionally, the guide includes numerous tips and tricks to help you achieve the best possible mix!

        Frequently Asked Questions


        What Plugins Are Used in Your Templates?

        Our vocal presets use Stock Plugins, so no third-party software is required. But we also offer two other versions that use third-party plugins. One with Antares Auto-Tune Artist and one with Waves Tune Real-Time. So, if you order one of these two versions, you will need to make sure you have an up-to-date version of these two plugins.


        How Do I Install the Presets?

        Installing our vocal presets straightforward, and you can start using them within just a few clicks after downloading them. Once you purchase a preset from our website, we immediately send you an email with the download link so you can download it instantly. From there, it’s just a few clicks before you can use the preset.


        What Software Do These Presets Work For?

        All of our presets work with Ableton (from the 11), FL Studio 21. Select the Waves ore Antares version if you own Waves or Antares plugins that can be used on any software!


        How Do I Know the Presets Will Work With My Specific Software?

        When you choose one of our presets, you can purchase it for a particular DAW. You can also select the preset for Waves or Antares, just make sure you own the required Waves or Antares plugins for that version. Our presets are engineered through the original vocal chain used by the artists and carefully remodeled using the plugins you have to help you sound professional.